Monday, May 30, 2005


i'm here, it's hot, sqodge left amid nemnoshka tears yestereve.  tomorrow tanuka, yura and i head back to kiev.  bye bye nikolayevka.  can't see through the fog of brekkie shots to describe it properly for you right now.  suffice to say,  it's hard to get clean and impossible to cool down.  if you don't want samagon (home brew), you get vodka, if you don't want vodka, you get beer, if you don't want beer, you get rumcola, if you don't want that you might get wine.  the options are: drink or drink.  and people insist on giving you presents which is kinda nice but somewhat guilt inducing.  my plans are still changing every day so i wont bother trying to explain where they're at now.  i don't mind the wandering around at night, finding yozhik (hedgehogs) n stuff  but the mornings...let's not get into that.  back in vienna on the 5th or 6th of june.  after my detox (yea right!), i'll updaytcha xx

Monday, May 09, 2005


dearest you,

if you get this via email it's because i've got an email in my inbox from you and a very scary [and ongoing] lack of motivation to write anything, not just anything back, but anything at all - moleskin, blog or otherwise.  i AM sorry but this thing called life has been simply indescribable of late so here i am trying to rectify that but...madonna over yorkshire, whilst perfect listening, is not helping.  perhaps i'll try something a little different

you shall be pleased to know that le sqodge arrived safely and wonderfully [from melbourne via new york] at four something am on the 29th of april [after i'd spent a long evening at shebeen's trivia night with jolly, alex and co] and he n i been having a verr├╝ckt adventure ever since as one can only do here in chaos house, kierling:

seeing the sights slash experiencing the mania of maifest im wiener prater; taking a tour at the impressive slash excessive sch├Ânbrunn palace and gardens; traipsing the streets of vienna's first district and beyond; munching the langos, various delightful schokolades and yet more savoury and breakfasty treats; paying jackie o style visits (!) to random wiener-apartment and klosterneuburg-house slash wheelchair parties courtesy of carola and gerald, all has been grand.

but i've also found myself continuously feeling like the ground keeps moving under my feet...and there's no safety net.  it's not really as dramatic as all that and i'm certainly not writing to make you worry slash sympathise coz i know, logically and realistically, that there's really nothing to worry about.  but, the uncertainty that everyone keeps telling me they couldn't throw themselves into, yea, well, it's starting to become a leetle irksome.

but, the good news is that mumbo n kevin will be arriving tomorrow evening [from melbourne via milan]  with five glorious italians in tow.  we've got a couple of days here exploring wien n kburg, then the italians are heading back to italy and us australians will be off to kiev via budapest.  so, i probably wont be writing much for the next month.  i'll be trying to find out about job potentials in kiev slash st petersburg and i'll be consuming vast quantities of samogon, only coz the water's contaminated , y'know...

love n luck