Monday, September 05, 2005

my beloved melbourne

dear you overseas person you*,

well, i've made it, as you may already know, back to my beloved melbourne.  tomorrow it will be two weeks that i've been HOME and, i have to say, despite the persistent chill factor that requires me to pull out my eccles fingerless gloves slash mittens in one, melbourne life is deliciously easy to slip right back into!

so far, i guess it's true, i've had it pretty easy.  my days have been filled with plenty of homecoming excitement, catching up with lots of friends, and, to borrow some words from lovely lou my soon to be new housemate(!) "the delight of anticipation".  and anticipation of what, you may well ask!

well, firstly and most urgently, there's anticipation of the great new job which i'm CERTAIN is just around the corner.  i've been in semi job search mode ever since i dragged my travel weary butt off the plane but have now decided to gear into overdrive and REALLY get it happening because...

the anticipation of sharing a great new house (with lou) has just reached paramount after the glowing references provided by norm and tanya (spanks to ya) outweighed my hard to ignore (un)employment situation and lou's lack of rental experience!!  and that, my dears, is an achievement in itself!!

SO, you're among the first to know that, if all goes according to plan with the signing of the lease this very evening, lou and i will soon be the tenants of a quaint (i know its real estate speak but lou said it suits!) edwardian house in north fitzroy, just a short ride downhill(!) to brunswick street and all the old haunts....

apart from all that jazz, everything goes well in melbourne.

i've managed to acquaint myself with the newest and currently cutest addition to our big family, the not-so-tiny-anymore aurora jane, aged almost five months and that, has been a source of great wonder for me as well as admiration for her young and very capable mother, lisa!

in between job interviews and various social engagements(!) i've been awandering wide-eyed through the city streets searching for my favourite cafes and marvelling at all the changes that have happened in six short months i've been gone.  dunno if it's just the spring sunshine but everything just feels so very possible to me!

it's also time for the melbourne fringe festival to start, one of my favourite melbourne arts events, which will be closely followed by the melbourne international arts festival featuring the one and only spiegeltent.  and i've jumped right into all that too, volunteering for fringe and hopefully, very likely, doing tv reviews of some of the performances.

but now, having spent far too much time at this computer today, i'll leave you with this bizarre australian english expression of the day: according to the university of queensland's language talkback website, "Mrs Kafoops is an Australian expression for a woman whose name you don't know."  yeh right!

oh, before i nick off...

i just wanna say that twas truly grand to meetcha and see ya again wherever it was that we crossed paths.  tis unlikely that i will continue this blog now that i'm back in melbourne but i certainly wont forget about YOU and hopefully we'll meet again soon.

oh, and if you do find yourself in this fine town in need of a roof over your head or something crazy to do, DEFINITELY let me know coz i've always got a couch space reserved for you and time for a beer or two...or more...but NO drinking games, ya hear me, michi??!

lotsalovenluck xx

*full credit slash apologies slash thanks to luke of dear you fame ~ read his work, it rawks!!